7 Arm Upgrades So Superior to Regular Human Arms It’s Embarrassing

The human arm is an out-of-date appendage, poorly equipped for today's modern globe. Proof? Consider these seven arm upgrades so above tiring human arms it's awkward and subscribe to Outdoors Xbox for much more:

In Metal Equipment Strong 5: The Phantom Discomfort, Huge Manager could fire off his red robot arm like a rocket and punch guards from a mile away. Barret from Final Dream 7 can utilize his weapon arm to assign targets for an orbital laser battery. Borderlands 2 mechromancer Gaige could summon a homicidal robotic companion with her cybernetic arm or leg. The increased nano-ceramic arms on Adam Jensen of Deus Ex: Human Revolution popularity can hurl a refrigerator like it's no one's company.

On the other hand, our unmodified noodle arms deal with a single chin-up. Who do we talk to about an upgrade?


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